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We asked hundreds of our customers how they rate Hail in areas such as value for money, ease of use, support, feature set, productivity and community engagement.

The results surprised us and they may surprise you too.

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How does Hail measure up?

A recent customer survey gave us hundreds of data points
which we collated into the following charts…

99% pie chart

All responses were very positive and 99% said they would recommend Hail to others.

87% of customers surveyed gave Hail a 7 out of 10 and higher for ‘value for money’.

87% pie chart

73% pie chart

73% claim they have more community engagement since moving their newsletters to Hail.

90% pie chart

90% of customers rated Hail’s support as 7 out of 10 or higher, with 45% giving us 10 out of 10!


After shifting to Hail, over 80% of customers now create their newsletters in 1–2 hours. Only 30% managed that before Hail.

80% pie chart

94% pie chart

94% of survey responses replied positively to the question, “Is Hail saving your team time & money?”.

“Our existing school website was dated, difficult to use and was unable to be customised to best showcase information and events.

Hail has rectified all the issues — it is quick to learn and use, it is incredibly visual and we are finding we are able to communicate the information out to parents in an easier to read format that has more reach within the school community.”

  The feature of being able to send a single article out to parents via email and facebook (our two methods of communication) instantly and easily has been really useful   Jo Koers, Elmwood Normal School

Customer survey responses

School communications your community will love

We asked real customers why they'd recommend Hail or what's improved since making the shift…

  I would recommend because it offers an awesome software for newsletters. The feedback I have received from parents has been amazing. It looks great and it is user friendly. I'm pushing to upgrade so we can use all of Hail's features.   Rachel Warne, Mt Aspiring College
  So easy to use and navigate yourself through — almost no training required for those with basic tech skills, looks really professional.   Karen Hearn, Tahuna Primary School
  I constantly recommend it!   Daniel Wilson, Principal, Nayland College
  Since publishing our School newsletter via Hail we have more response from parents as they are getting the information straight to their inbox — very helpful for busy parents.   Admin, Lochiel School
  Very professional — and it just works!   Simon Green, Principal, Amberley School
  Time saver, easy to create articles, simple, great feedback from users (ie parents), more then one person can be creative. It's new, moves with the times, visually appealing, images clearer.   Admin, Stanley Bay School
  Beautiful curated newsletters can be easily created with minimal skill. School media can be put in the hands of students with multiple log-ins. Newsletter is now digital so accessed via all our school platforms and via email.   Hilary Elliot, Raglan Area School
  Ease of use, clean interface. When we launched Hail we were the only school in our Kahui that used it, now 3 other schools have followed.   Principal, Ladbrooks School
  Hail has improved the the quality of our information sharing and also reduced workload in producing this information. The two main aspects I enjoy are the ease of entering information and that the programme and how all the information shared is formatted the same.   Rose Struthers, Roncalli College
  User friendly, so easy to use on phones so we are getting more parent's looking at our newsletters.   Sarah Kelso, Prebbleton School
  I constantly recommend it!   Daniel Wilson, Principal, Nayland College
  So easy to do, does all the layout work for you. Parents have commented on how easy it is to access information on line.   Ann Gilbert, Wellington Girls' College
  An amazing product, so quick and easy to use; a very professional look to our communications now and very friendly, knowledgeable support team. More people asking to subscribe, lots of favourable feedback.   Admin, SEWN, Social Equity & Wellbeing Network
  Easy to use and the finished product is awesome.   Vanessa Manning, Middleton Grange School
  I think HAIL is a perfect platform for education. Schools struggle with teacher workload and the convenience of HAIL means it helps with this.   Kimberley Fridd, John McGlashan College
  Easy to use. Great for all teachers/classes to collaborate when constructing a newsletter. Great depository of school happenings through the year(s). Interactive with video and photos. Accessible on all devices. Able to upload to email and school Facebook.   Kim Allan, Principal, Lee Stream School
  A more modern look adds excitement for the reader helping them be more engaged with the articles.   Andrew Smart, Sherwood Primary School
  It's easy to use and visually appealing to the community.   Jenny Washington, Te Ara Maurea Roydvale School
  No designing required and the publications look so good when published.   Michelle Smith, St Paul’s Collegiate School

 Customer case studies

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