Hail is a fully-featured school communications package

It's been carefully designed for busy staff who don’t have the time to deal with complex software every time they need to update the school's community.

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With Hail you get…

  • Newsletters, yearbooks, blogs & digital magazines
  • Mobile-friendly websites or Wordpress integration
  • Social media publishing, effortless emails & community updates
  • Training with our online publishing experts
  • Cloud-based system & backup accessible 24/7 from any device
  • Our famously friendly support and much, much more…
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All this from only $50/month with no setup fees!

Hail's streamlined system means anyone can publish amazing communications to ALL channels — no web or design expertise required.

Daniel Wilson, Principal at Nayland College

  Pushing out the newsletter or individual articles is incredibly easy, it's just a matter of clicking a button and it's done. We are engaging our parents, students, alumni and local community much more effectively by using platforms that they're all checking on a regular basis.   Daniel Wilson, Nayland College

All you do is write great content — telling your stories.

Hail takes care of the rest!

The great thing about Hail is you can start creating amazing digital communications and sharing to social media and email straight away.

  • We’ve had many customers set up and publishing within a day
  • You’ll save a tonne of time with Hail compared to creating PDF newsletters using Word or Publisher, which are practically unreadable on everyone's mobile devices
  • For those schools that have already modernised their communications, you'll LOVE Hail's seamless MailChimp integration and never having to fiddle with email templates again
  • Did you know that over 50% of emails are now opened on mobile devices? Read 'Death of the PDF newsletter'

School communications your community will love

Can you imagine really enjoying creating and sharing your school newsletters?

How great would it feel to constantly delight your community and keep them effortlessly informed with stunning mobile-friendly content…

  Like the new format!   Adele McGarry
  Loving the new software. Very user friendly!!   Yvette Bird-Potter
  Just got this via email, awesome!! So much easier to get at and I’m much more likely to read it now. A great move forward in technology from paper based a year or so ago to online and now this. Well done whoever is responsible for this change!   Aaron Fear-Ross

Spread the load

The best communications require teamwork,
and lots of it.

Hail makes collaboration easy. Simply invite contributors, grant access levels and get creating together.

Hail seamlessly combines text and images making newsletters and websites a breeze. Team members write articles, upload photos and share for editing and feedback. Finalized content is pushed out to social channels, or quickly and easily curated into publications by users with publishing rights.

Hail streamlines your workflow, ensuring the consistency and quality of the content that reaches your audience.

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School communication experts

Hail is loved by thousands of users in hundreds of preschools, primaries, intermediates and high schools.
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We'll always be there for you with our famously friendly free support

We pride ourselves on having the easiest, most streamlined Content Management System around and best quick-start resources for new customers. We've had schools up and running in hours.

PLUS, unlike most cloud-based platforms, we're available to help out anytime. Take advantage of our incredible, free 24/7 support.

  A brilliant product that delivers what it promises. Fantastic backup from terrific people! Bluestone School has loved the introduction of Hail as our communication tool   Ian Poulter, Principal, Bluestone School

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