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Hail’s fully-featured communications platform has everything that charities, non‑profits and social enterprises need to supercharge team collaboration and community engagement.

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I Say Hail to Hail — Ginny Green, CEO Otago Community Hospice

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  • Newsletters, yearbooks, blogs & digital magazines
  • Mobile-friendly websites or Wordpress integration
  • Social media publishing, effortless emails & community updates
  • Training with our online publishing experts
  • Cloud-based system & backup accessible 24/7 from any device
  • Our famously friendly support and much, much more…
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All this from only $50/month with no setup fees!

Hail's streamlined system means anyone can publish amazing communications to ALL channels — no web or design expertise required.

No Safe Limit, Ministry of Social Development

  We especially love how it ‘designs’ our content, creating something beautiful with the click of a button   No Safe Limit — Ministry of Social Development

Hail's streamlined system means anyone can publish amazing communications to ALL channels.

It's EXTREMELY user-friendly with no web or design expertise required.

With minimal setup, our customers are slashing their print budgets, saving the planet and sharing awesome, engaging stories with their followers.

Hail’s easy to use platform makes collaborative communications a breeze and brings your newsletters to life with instant sharing to all your channels like Facebook, Twitter, email and blogs — with one button.

Our customers tell us that our unique software makes creating their content so easy and fun that their teams have never shared so many stories.

This frees up untold admin time, saving you time and money, and greatly increases community engagement.

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Can you imagine really enjoying creating and sharing your newsletters?

How great would it feel to constantly delight your community and keep them effortlessly informed with stunning mobile-friendly content…

  Our church community began using Hail for our weekly communication about a month ago and we have been absolutely delighted with it. It is intuitive and quick to learn, it enables team members to write articles that can then be published and it produces a beautifully formatted digital newsletter for our church members. Occasionally you find a tool or piece of software that significantly improves the way ministry happens and Hail is just such a tool. Our communication has been improved markedly, we have been able to reach more fringe members and it has enabled us to caste our vision and share life changing stories.   Rev Canon Mark Chamberlain, Vicar of St Barnabas Anglican Church

Spread the load

The best communications require teamwork,
and lots of it.

Hail makes collaboration easy. Simply invite contributors, grant access levels and get creating together.

Hail seamlessly combines text and images making newsletters and websites a breeze. Team members write articles, upload photos and share for editing and feedback. Finalized content is pushed out to social channels, or quickly and easily curated into publications by users with publishing rights.

Hail streamlines your workflow, ensuring the consistency and quality of the content that reaches your audience.

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73% pie chart

73% claim they have more community engagement since moving their newsletters to Hail.

  An amazing product, so quick and easy to use; a very professional look to our communications now… More people asking to subscribe, lots of favourable feedback.   Admin, SEWN, Social Equity & Wellbeing Network

Communications that maximise social impact

Hail is loved by users in all kinds of charities, not‑for‑profits, sports clubs, community groups and social enterprises.
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We pride ourselves on having the easiest, most streamlined Content Management System around and best quick-start resources for new customers. We've had organisations up and running in hours.

Hail is cloud-based so there is no software to buy, install or maintain. PLUS, unlike most cloud-based platforms, we're available to help out anytime. Take advantage of our incredible, free 24/7 customer attention and support.

  What we really appreciate is the continuous development that Hail has undertaken. The usability and navigation of our festival programme has improved over the past four festivals. This has been made possible by Hail listening to our comments and making changes … It’s so easy to keep in contact with Hail, to ask questions and make changes through their support email.   Jeannie Hayden, Wild Dunedin Festival

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