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Hatched a new Hail organization or project, but feeling a little lost? Check out our step-by-step guide Getting Started with Hail and browse answers to common questions below…

To get started with Hail you must first create an organization or project. This will then enable you to start building your content within Hail. You will be asked to choose a plan…. Don’t worry, we have you covered! There is a plan for every level of user, from individuals seeking to publish personal content to large organizations with multi-dimensional teams and divisions that require collaboration and massive storage power! Plus, we have a completely free 30 day trial (no credit card required) on offer for you to get the hang of Hail. Simply click the plan you think best suits your needs, add your organization or project name, then get creating!
This is your home base and where the magic happens. Your dashboard is where you go to begin the creation and curation process. You will notice that we have pre-loaded an article example for you here with images and tags. You will also see there is an area here for notifications. This is where you will see all the activity within your organization. For example, if someone comments on an article you have submitted ready for editing, this will be highlighted in this space.
This is your article archive, or library and the place where you can create new content. This fully searchable archive is categorized to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. To create a new article simply click “+ Create new article” in the top left hand corner and you’re on your way. Your article will automatically be in draft form so you can comfortably edit away until you’re ready to share with your team to get their feedback or until you are ready to push go! Our super clever editor will ensure your article is beautifully formatted and ready to be shared on any platform… on any device.

Adding tags and images to your article is easy, simply follow the intuitive process outlined within the app and if you get stuck you can find assistance within our Hail Help pages or pop online to talk to one of our helpful team. Once you’re happy with your article simply click “It’s ready”, then progress to “Publish” once you are satisfied that your team has had ample time to collaborate. Bam! You’re done! Congratulations on creating your first article with Hail. That’s one good looking article you have created. One that deserves to be seen. That’s where Hail's “Connections” comes in. Read more below about how Hail can help you create once, publish everywhere with connections.
Images are a powerful addition to any story. Images convey emotion and set the tone for how your content will be received. Images also enable the reader to form an immediate impression about your content. It can draw them in or push them away. Hail makes it easy to add high quality images to your articles. The images page provides a searchable archive of all your images. It is also the place where you can upload new images to your image library. Simply drag and drop your image onto the images page, or if you prefer click the “+ Add images” tag at the top left and select your images from your files.

Once you have added your images, you’ll notice your new images are marked with “pending”, this allows you the opportunity to add metadata such as tags, people and location information to your images to make them easier to search. You’ll also notice we have a feature here called “face detection/ focal point”. This is an exceptionally smart feature that allows for your image to be cropped and manipulated without losing the essence of your shot. You can read more about our focal point feature here. You can also rate and/or flag any image to highlight its importance for future projects or for collaborative purposes. Once you are happy with your image, you then click “save”, then “approve” to enable your image to be utilized across all your current and future publications.
Videos are the holy grail of content marketing. A single one minute video has the impact of over 18 million words on your audience. To put that into perspective, it would take you around 6 months of writing to produce 18 million words! Not only that, research has shown that including a video in an introductory email increases the click-through rate by 96%. You can’t argue with science.

Hail makes it easy to add videos to your articles and publications. Video is treated in much the same way as images on the Hail platform.

To add a video simply start by heading to your dashboard. From there click the “Videos” tab on the right hand side. Click “add video” at the top of the page and proceed to enter a YouTube URL or video ID into the space provided. Confirm your selection and then enter your videos metadata such as tags, location and videographer. You will notice that there is a preview tab at the top of your video in the edit screen. Clicking the preview tab then hovering over your video preview will allow you to change your custom preview. Simply click on change custom preview to select your new preview image. Face detection will automatically redetect the focal point, which you can also manually reset if you wish.

Voilà! You’re on your way to creating even more engaging content with the help of Hail’s Video feature.

Tip: Be sure to remember to create your tags prior to trying to add them to your new video.
Tags are a useful way to organize your content within the Hail app for future use or archival purposes and to categorize your content within publications. To add tags to an article, you must first create them within the tags tab on the dashboard. Simply click “add tag” to create a new tag. To add a tag to an article, you simply click “Add tag” from your right hand side menu. Once you start typing in your tag word you will automatically be presented with a list of available tags from which to choose. Be sure to follow our tag tips to make the most out of using this useful feature.
Now that you have created your awesome content within Hail's easy to use platform, you can move on to the fun part! Curate your content into beautiful online publications that can be easily shared with your audience across multiple channels and on any device. Hail’s publication builder is super streamlined and provides an intuitive approach to digital publishing.

To start designing your awesome online publication click “create publication” on the publications tab within your dashboard. You will be presented with a pop up asking you to choose which type of publication you want to create. Once you have decided on the style of publication you want to create, simply click on the “Select” button and then click “Create it!”. There is the option here of establishing a due date, this is helpful for collaborative style publications that require input or sign off from team members. You can now start curating your way to awesomeness.
Ordering articles in your publications is easy. The first article is the one you have selected to be the "featured" article. So expect to see that one first up. The other articles are arranged in reverse chronological order, so your most recently published article will be first and your oldest published article will be last. If you fancy rearranging your content in a different way you can simply drag and drop the articles in the edit publication list to effortlessly create your desired layout. Drag and drop also works for the selected articles and publications in the Homepage section.
Connections are third party services outside of Hail that are capable of publishing your awesome content out to the masses. The more connections you can add to your account, the more channels you will have through which to distribute your content. Examples of connections are Facebook, MailChimp and Wordpress.

How do I add a connection?
Connections are easy to add from the Hail app. Simply click the connections tab on the left hand side of your dashboard page. Here you will be presented with a list of currently available connections. Choose the connection you want to add by clicking the + on the right hand side of each connection. This will create an authorization pop up which will allow Hail to interact with your connection of choice. Simply follow the prompts in the authorization popup to allow Hail to integrate with your connection. Super easy. Your beautifully formatted, content rich communications can now be pushed out to multiple channels at the touch of a button.
The Hail “homepage” feature allows you to create your own website automagically by pulling your content directly from the Hail app. It has never been easier to keep your web presence fresh and up to date with the Hail “homepage” feature. The left hand side menu on your dashboard provides you with a link to creating your new website. Choose your banner article with care, this will be the first thing visitors to your homepage see. It will set the tone for your brand or project and give a lasting impression. Make sure it has a kick-ass image, one that speaks volumes about your organization or project and one that is memorable. It takes just 13 milliseconds for the human eye to process an image… so make it count! Your information section is a great place to add a byline about your business or project. Make it short and snappy. Remember the golden rule, less is more!

Adding contact info to your homepage is easy. The right hand side menu allows you to view your contact email, phone and address. You can edit this information in your organizational settings tab located at the bottom right of your homepage builder page or head to your organization settings found at the top right of any page within the Hail app. You can now add awesome content to your site simply by clicking “+ Add articles” and “+ Add publications”. By default your 15 most recent articles or publications will be shown if you do not select specific ones to feature. Once you are happy with your homepage, simply click “Publish Homepage”. You can read more about this awesome feature here.
This is one cool feature. Take control of your content by adding your own domain name to your Hail homepage, or to any of your unique content within Hail. Having your domain name or a sub-domain name attached to your content is a great way for your audience to find you. It’s also great for your SEO! You can add a domain name to something as simple as a favourite family recipe created in Hail…. or something as large as an annual report or entire website!

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