Firebrand's Case Study

As one of the first web, design and marketing agencies to use Hail, Firebrand are excited to be at the forefront of a new way of creating, curating and publishing content.

Kate Kidson, Marketing Manager, Firebrand

About Firebrand

Firebrand is a full-service design, web and marketing agency based in Dunedin, with clients across New Zealand and further abroad. The tight-knit team delivers expert advice and high-performing digital, print and marketing solutions. Firebrand is passionate about driving results supported by smartly crafted strategy, delivered by leading edge tech.

  Staying at the leading edge of technology is vital to deliver to our customers evolving needs. Hail has changed the way we create, publish and share our own content and we’re excited to recommend and implement it for our clients’ content strategy.  
— Kate Kidson, Marketing Manager

With content being a core component of web and marketing projects and one that trips up many businesses, Firebrand had a natural interest in streamlining the content creation process.

Content Marketing is also a big part of Firebrand’s own marketing strategy. With numerous social media accounts, regular email newsletters and a blog; producing and publishing enough content was a struggle.

  Content marketing is a huge trend, instead of using interruptive marketing, businesses and brands we work with are investing in creating quality content to attract new audiences and deepen the connections with existing ones. The difficulty comes when it’s time to generate the content and distribute it to all the different communication channels. Typically this has been a labour intensive and costly process.  

Hail simplifies creating and publishing content as a team

The Hail app enabled the whole team to get involved in crafting compelling content and collaborating on Firebrand’s content marketing.

Using Hail, the team began contributing to copywriting, generating and uploading photography, proofreading and editing. The result? The quantity and quality of the content increased exponentially.

The writing process is pleasurable

  Hail really exceeded our expectations. Being fairly design focused I find it hard not to get caught up in what the content will look like when it’s published. Worrying about layout and fonts wasted a lot of time when I was writing in Word. When creating content in Hail there’s not the distractions of layout or typeface and you know your content is going to look AMAZING no matter where you publish it. It’s a liberating feeling.  

  As a web, design and marketing agency our online communications need to look incredible, on any device. With Hail we literally can’t believe how good our content looks. The online newsletter and magazine layouts are modern and stylish, not to mention content is always stamped with our brand. My favourite thing would have to be how easy it is to share our articles and publications to our Facebook page, Twitter, or even send them out as Mailchimp email campaigns. Being able to publish any piece of content to all these channels with the push of a button saves considerable time and our content reaches further than ever before.  

Create & publish from anywhere

Remote workers and a business that doesn’t slow down means tools and systems must be cloud-based and accessible on any device. With Hail, creating, editing and publishing content can be done anywhere on any device from tablets to iPhones. Everything is managed centrally — accessible to the rest of the team in real time.

Reach a bigger audience with online publications & social sharing

The features that had the biggest impact for Firebrand were the beautiful responsive outputs and simplified multi-channel publishing.

Compared to past email campaigns the new Firebrand newsletter, entirely created and published with Hail, has doubled our open and clickthrough rates. Most importantly more customer responses were generated than ever before — a massive content marketing win.

Arnika Hazelwood, English and Media Studies Teacher
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  Hail has completely revolutionised our internal content organisation and external storytelling. We now have a constantly updated and centralised store for all articles, images and publications.   Arnika Hazelwood, English and Media Studies Teacher