Communicating with your audience is made easy with Hail. Create and curate your content in our clever, simple to use platform, then share with those that matter most with the click of a button.

Responsive designs on many devices


Your story is unique. Whether you are an individual with a burning passion that you want to share with your friends or with the world, or an organization building an engaged community who need timely and accurate information on a regular basis. Hail has you covered.

Curate your content into beautiful online publications that can be easily shared with your audience across multiple channels and on any device.

Hail’s publication builder is super streamlined and provides an intuitive approach to digital publishing.

Hail offers a variety of purpose-designed solutions to suit your needs.


Regular weekly or monthly publications that are designed to inform and update are easily covered by our newsletter style format. The Newsletter style is great for audiences that wish to scan and select snippets of information that are relevant to them with minimal effort. Short and snappy tidbits that are easily scanned are perfect contributions to any newsletter style publication.

Example Newsletter


Create image based communications that will captivate your audiences with Hails Magazine style publications.

Rich, deep, topic based communications with a relaxed and casual feel, Hail’s magazine style publications are perfect for eager audiences who expect to be delighted and informed on a deeper level.

Example Magazine


If you’re looking for a publication that can grow over time while featuring the latest content and keeping past articles highly accessible? That’s where the Blog style comes in.

The Blog style takes design cues from Hail's individual articles to produce a strongly branded, more traditional layout with a content focus that sits alongside powerful search and tag filtering features.

Example Blog


The big kahuna of the Hail publishing styles, the Yearbook is a robust, taggable, searchable, content rich style publication that enables you to curate hundreds of articles and stories into one beautifully designed and perfectly formatted communication piece. Communicating multi-dimensional information seamlessly with vested audiences is effortless with Hail's Yearbook style publication.

Example Yearbook


Clever teams need smart tools. Everyone has a voice and everyone in your team has a valuable contribution to be made to the stories your audience wants to hear.

Businesses save time and enjoy the efficiencies of multi-level contribution and collaboration on important internal and external communications.

Schools enhance their learning pathways through student participation in the creation and collation of rich publications that share authentic stories of journeys and successes. Faculty and staff remain truly connected, are well informed and are empowered to contribute.

Community groups feel a sense of relief as administrative functions are made effortless and collaborative in nature. Focus is redirected to meaningful activities that underpin the true nature and purpose of their being.

  Contribution and collaboration on meaningful content has never been easier with Hail's truly remarkable software, allowing your organization to get back to the things that really matter.  

Mobile-friendly Websites

A website that evolves as you do with content that is up to date and ever changing.

Self-manage your online presence with clever, one click publishing tools that drive your content directly to your website from a single cost-effective platform.

Drive your audience back to your website with original and dynamic content that effortlessly evolves as you do. Save time and money taking back control over your online presence while increasing your online visibility. Read more 

  Smart and responsive, your website adapts to any device from laptops to mobile devices and iPads.  

Domains feature


Your brand is part of your story. Your message should paint a picture in the minds of your audience and leave them with a lasting impression.

Your beautiful, content driven publications deserve a personalized home. That’s why we came up with a clever little plan to make sure your divine communications are not only future-proofed, responsive and adaptive but that they are easily recognizable as yours.

Personalized domain names ensure that each and every story you tell builds on your hard earned reputation.

From simple, snappy single page articles such as your favourite family recipes to beautifully layered, content rich and data driven magazines and reports, your communications are easily identifiable and infinitely searchable.

Read more 

Digital Publishing


Video communications are a powerful way to evoke emotion, build trust, foster relationships and encourage action in your audience.

Increase engagement and drive results by clever curation of smart video content into your awesome digital publications.

  Brilliant video content makes your message easier to find, increases conversion rates and boosts the shareability of your content.  

Video curation in a collaborative and responsive platform drastically sets you apart from the masses and allows you to share your most important stories in an innovative and completely captivating way.